• April 9, 2016
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A dietary supplement is a product conscious for ingestion that incorporates a “dietary aspect” meant to add in addition nutritional value to the food plan. A “dietary element” may be one, or any mixture, of the following substances: a diet. a mineral. an herb or different botanical.

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Feature capabilities of dietary supplement store

(i) Dietary supplement store are huge-scale retail institutions.

(ii) They have got lots of dietary supplements organized underneath one roof.

(iii) Each part of dietary supplement store specializes in a specific form of dietary supplement.

(iv) Their simple principle is that it is easier to promote extra dietary supplements to the identical clients by way of presenting a big style of dietary supplements than to promote the same type of it to many clients.

(v) Dietary supplement store save intention is to provide pleasant nutritional dietary supplements and services to the customers.


(vi) They are located within the essential significant places of the big towns.

(vii) A big quantity of capital is required to establish a dietary supplement store.

(viii) To attract the customers they have to make an in depth use of advertising and marketing.

(ix) The running fees of a dietary supplement store are very excessive because of the various services rendered by them, high rents, marketing and many others.

(x) Their manage and management are centralized.


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▪ A dietary supplement store purchases its products in massive quantity thereby taking part in the economies in charge, transportation fee and alternate discounts etc.

▪ A dietary supplement store presents different varieties of dietary supplements under one roof. It caters to the total desires of a client at one vicinity and that they need no extended to head from one position to any other for making purchases.

▪ The customers can pick the dietary supplements in their personal desire and flavor from a huge style of dietary supplements of different great and brands.


▪ Large scale advertising campaigns are undertaken via large dietary supplement store making sure financial savings in advertising and marketing costs. At the equal time advertisement of 1 dietary supplement store serves as the commercial of the other save.

▪ Dietary supplement store are commonly situated in crowded and relevant places of the metropolis which draws many clients thereby growing the sales.

▪ Dietary supplement store provide innumerable offerings to their customers. A number of the vital services are loose home transport, after sales offerings, accepting orders on phone and so on.


▪ A dietary supplement store is generally organized within the shape of a joint stock organization having massive finances. With the help of massive finances, it may have enough money to rent experts for buying, selling and advertising, and so forth. With the help of those professionals, the dietary supplement store can achieve performance in its functioning.

▪ Resulting from massive extent of income, selling value in keeping with unit will become very low.

Negative aspects:-

▪ Human beings living at a distant area cannot avail the advantages of dietary supplement store due to the fact those are placed at a vital of the towns.


▪ The price of jogging the dietary supplement store is higher due to sure unfastened offerings which they deliver. The price of free offerings are lots and as such it increases the costs of the nutritional dietary supplements.

▪ The value of advertisement and publicity of dietary supplement store is a great deal better.

▪ Fluctuation in costs adversely affect the operation of dietary supplement store commercial enterprise houses as they pass for bulk purchases.

▪ Customers are not given person attention because these institutions are too massive.